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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Google and Verizon Create Evil Internet

Dear Google,
I just found out what you're doing with those who own our public internet infrastructure. 

Wow, pretty arrogant. But, I guess you at Google are getting pretty rich. It's cool how you want to share the wealth with people like me, who want to start our own ISP. 

Now that you are evil, all I have to do is offer a "Just Internet" service, that delivers all information at the same rate to the people, for the people, and by the people, they will flock, probably even pay me more, to be part of the just society. 

Google users demand that you not get into bed with Verizon, but I think you should do evil. They think you should not sign on to this deal and sell out freedom on the Internet.  

Google's founding motto is 'Don't Be Evil.' This deal is evil. It undermines the open Internet upon which hundreds of millions of people rely. This is good for me. 

Can I sell fast advertising to your customers? So, they will choose my "Just Internet" over your "Evil Internet". It doesn't make a difference how we get online; The People expect that connection to be free of corporate gatekeepers. That's why we use the inter-web not the broadcast media, but if you think its just me, then make me rich.

Join the "Just Internet" and be rich like me.

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