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Friday, March 05, 2010

How To Save The Economy: Elect Elizabeth Warren

There are two fundamental ways to look at America: Top Down or "Middle" Up. We seem to have a problem communicating, we NEED transparency and accountability.

Elect Elizabeth Warren
Watch her on Charlie Rose

Watch Her On YOUTUBE

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How to get rich, fast!

Here is a great new American way to get rich fast. It is legal, and can even be ethical if done correctly.

First, find a business that is doing something wrong and not telling their share holders. Then gather explicit evidence of the scandal and a list of large media outlets. Now go to your broker, leverage your credit and short-sell as much stock in that company as you can. Then publish the press release of your report, including any sources, to any and all the media you can.

If all goes well the company stock price will tank, and you will make big $$$! Just make sure that the information you release is true and testable. You're just doing a public service.

This is exactly how the complex derivative market works, and exactly why AIG insurance needed to be bailed out. Everyone was betting against the market, and had leveraged the deal. Of course, if everyone is betting against a company, the stock price will drop. When everyone bets against the economy, the economy will fall. But you can still get rich!

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