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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sociopath Businessman Tells The Truth About Capitalism

Employers are EXTREMELY lucky to have employees. Labor could just start their own business, and compete with any employer. Mask-off sociopaths are my favorite. 

DEF CON 31 - An Audacious Plan to Halt the Internet's Ensh*ttification ...

Mandatory APIs? Restore surprises (Mods, hacks, scraping, etc.) because investors hate surprises? "Adversarial Interoperaperabilit" - good government for capitalism (free trade competition)

Ethical Business = oxymoron.
"inshitification" = planned obsilesence.
Block mergers, unwind or break up corporations that are too big to fail.
Burn the corporations to create fertile ground for new competition.
Should Stock Buy Backs be illegal? It's just paying off unearned income owners.
Book: "The Internet Con"

Creative Labor is