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I need a place to keep my super secret business ideas in the cloud:
  1. Craig's List Free stuff - wood, dirt, trailers, etc
  2. Grocery List Magnets for fridge - basic, advanced, custom, gourmet, etc.  
  3. Candy Store - Chocolate Spice Drops - a west coast candy factory and wholesaler 
  4. Online Mortuary - a place to store all your secret social media, blog, or web passwords and login info so that when you die, your heirs can access your accounts.
  5. Bug Out Bag - a survival/emergency kit, online store, everything from first-aid kits, trauma-bags, canned seeds, media kits, etc.
  6. East County Sustainable Building Cooperative - a camp/seminar place 
  7. Buy an old church - create a 501c4 Zen Buddhist trust 
  8. Diving Platform - build a barge that you can keep in Mission bay and take up and down the coast in summer as a diving platform, spring board and platform diving and SCUBA/kayak destination, party barge, etc.
  9. PB Sunrise - a 'coffee-shop' in PB like the Living Rooms, with a members only library, open all night, multiple floors, with kitchen, meeting room, football sports club in basement, or on roof, etc. 
  10. Submarine rides in La Jolla, glass bottom boat ++
  11. Food for thought - a restaurant that specializes in brain food, catering. 
  12. Custom tailored personal armor - dragon-scale, custom weapons, etc. 
  13. Bike mechanic - mobile van on the boardwalk weekends
  14. Logical Homes -
  15. Building Inspector - 
  16. Vocational Training - Red Cross Emergency CPR, AMA, EMT, climbing, sailing, boat captain, flying lessons, sky-dive parachute training,  
  17. EMT Trainer - HTML5 - algorithm app
  18. SD Mobile Studio - 
  19. Consignment - 
On the west end of the west bound train station under SDSU, I will leave you a desert. If you eat the last five pieces, in order of size, you will discover contentment. (3.1415 ... 383279 = 23789)