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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Risk

Today is the end of a dramatic week of radical change in the US Capital Markets, we have just seen the end of the Neo-Conservative paradigm, what comes next is yet to be decided. In over leveraging their capital, and unwittingly creating too much money by lending far beyond their reserves, the major banks in the US have destroyed the American economic advantage. Now we will have to compete on equal footing with the rest of the globe.

As a side note, due to my limited capital I've been untouched by this 'market correction', although indirectly, through family and economy, I'm sure I'll suffer just as everyone else. But I recognize that those with capital have abused the freedoms of our system and have already taken their profits, leaving the US Tax Payer of the FUTURE with the bill.

This low point in the economy and the housing market gives us a unique opportunity to take advantage of those who can not pay their bills. We can buy their assets at a great discount. I Just hope I can parlay my weak position into something worthy.

I hereby damn all 'short-sellers', opportunists who would bet against a stock, and hope to see it fail. 'Short Selling' is innately unethical and breeds conduct that destroys rather than creates wealth. Those who sell short should be ashamed of themselves, they are responsible.


At the risk of going off track here I'm going to begin using this log to document my Entrepreneurial Adventures.

Lately I've been studying Renewable Energy and working toward my NABCEP Certification. In the pursuit I've been taking courses through the Solar Living Institute, specifically PV121 Solar Design and Installation and RE131 Small Wind Power, for both grid tied and off grid applications.

I've also been attending all the seminars and workshops offered at the local California Center for Sustainable Energy to study Solar Hot Water Design and Installation, the Government Rebates and Incentives, Learn about the Industry, Understand the Utilities, and focus on Efficiency Engineering.

With this basic knowledge I'm applying to work for a local firm, with the intention of mastering the industry and starting an educational institution like the Solar Living Institute in San Diego. I believe there will be a great demand for this kind of GREEN EDUCATION in the near future, and I can leverage my skill set to organize and distribute this information.

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