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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Please give us a listen, then post the link below to your facebook friends or email them:
In this Program:
This has been a San Diego Speaks production of "San Diego Solutions". This is a demonstration project for a new one-hour, weekly talk-show about Non-Profit Businesses in San Diego and the solutions created by social-entrepreneurs to deal with local issues.
If you want to find out more about San Diego Solutions, and listen to extended interviews, go to our web site 
There you can log-in and find ways to contribute to your local community, volunteer, become a citizen journalist, or submit a your favorite charity for an interview. 
The people of San Diego face many issues, If you would like to be part of the solution, then join the conversation online, and contact us with your thoughts about how we can improve this local show and create a better tomorrow. Together, there is nothing our community can't accomplish. 
Please, support our local Charities. Lean how to find worthy non-profit businesses in your area, and achieve results in your neighborhood. 
You can support San Diego Solutions through our web-site, simply subscribe to our email newsletter and listen to the podcast. You can listen to archived shows and extended interviews with local leaders about the challenges and opportunities we all face together. 
When you join our community, you'll find you are not alone, and that what at first may seem overwhelming is manageable when we share the work. Best of all you can express yourself, tell us your ideas, and propose your solutions to the issues you care most about. 
Thanks for listening, and welcome to "San Diego Solutions". 

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