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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Gift Economy

Gifting Economy - bonus

The reason it spread so fast is because, as I alluded to above, the Gift Economy changes the entire business relationship. Instead of a situation where the client is skeptical and fears getting ripped off because they don’t understand web design and yet are being asked for a 50% deposit up front, causing the client to argue for the lowest possible bid to lower their risk, the Gift Economy places all the risk on me. I built many of my websites this year without any deposit at all, and when I was finished I turned the entire site over to the client 100%. Always, and without any strings attached. - source

The illusion of otherness is keeping us from reaching our potential. We are one with the universe. Independence and individualism is the foundation of consciousness, but to transcend the self is enlightenment. Infinite growth in a finite world consumes the resources of survival, creating scarcity and injustice. The systems are falling apart. Everything is significant. End the illusion of separation, join the flow. We control our future. We have free-will. Serve yourself, but define yourself correctly as part of the greater universe, and you will transcend the illusions.

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